Aberdeen's Bright Future

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2017 will see significant restoration projects at Aberdeen.

Common Area Landscaping

We will complete the common area landscaping project around the Clubhouse. This includes the new fountain, landscaping and pavers.

1st Floor of the Clubhouse

  • Redecorate the first floor of the clubhouse to give it a fresh new look
  • Replace all carpeting
  • Refinish or replace as necessary dining room and card room furniture
  • Replace window treatments
  • Improve lighting
  • Paint in a new color

Status Update

  • Accomplished Interior Designers have been interviewed
  • Interior Designer was selected and contracted
  • Building Architect that designed the Fitness/Tennis/Aquatics facility was contracted
  • Initial programming meeting with Interior Designer and Architect has been completed
  • Interior Designer and Architect are in the process of preparing and providing the Club with a conceptual design. This is anticipated to occur during October/November 2016.
  • Upon the Club’s approval of the conceptual plan, the Interior Designer & Architect will then prepare full design documents. This is anticipated to occur from November 2016 through January 2017
  • Upon the Club’s approval of the full design documents, contractors will be requested to submit proposals for budget and scheduling estimating. This is anticipated to occur from February through March 2017.
  • Upon the Club’s approval of the budget estimate, the full design plans will be submitted to the county for permitting
  • Targeted date to show the general membership the overall design is anticipated to occur during March 2017

Golf Course Restoration

The project will address and resolve:
Address & Resolve:
  • Drainage and soil issues
  • Turf contamination
  • Irrigation system failures
  • Cart path deterioration
  • Tee box and green deterioration
  • Bunker deterioration
  • Bulkhead deterioration
The golf course is being recontoured to:
  • Develop a course that is playable for members with higher handicaps but challenging for lower handicap players
  • Significantly expand the size of the tee areas while maintaining our multiple yardage options and incorporating tees for our current Muirhead yardage option
  • Significantly expand the size of the greens in order to offer creativity and multiple pin placement
  • Incorporate easier access from the cart paths to the tees and greens
Status Update
  • Golf course architect, Jim Fazio has presented his design. As is the case when designing a course, this is the conceptual design and modifications are made when the actual construction takes place. Click here to see a tour of the conceptual design.
  • The turf selection process was completed by our Golf Course Architect, Jim Fazio and representatives from the Board and Management
  • These individuals …
    • had numerous discussions with industry professionals which included Directors of Agronomy, Golf Course Superintendents, Directors of Golf, Chief Operating Officers and Golf Course Contractors
    • worked with a Turf consultant
    • conducted numerous golf course turf inspections
    • selected Paspalum Platinum TE turf for the roughs, fairways and tees
    • Turf for collars and greens pending
  • One of the many benefits of this turf selection was that golf carts may be driven on the turf from day one of its reopening

Tennis Court Restoration

  • Most of our tennis court problems are below the surface.
  • An engineering study was done on the courts.
  • All 15 courts were examined and the findings were:
    • Sub-grade condition – Many of our problems are below the surface.
    • Drainage – Our courts do not drain properly which causes the uneven surface.
    • Surface Thickness – Our surface is uneven. It has too much Har-Tru in some places, not enough in others.
    • Irrigation System – The irrigation system for the courts is aged and well beyond the intended useful life.
  • Based on all the findings, the only logical recommendation is to rebuild all of tennis courts with a modern irrigation system.


  • The time is now
  • Members now are asking for Pickleball
  • Most clubs and adult communities have added it
  • Will be open to Social, Tennis and Golf members without a court fee
    • Reservation system will be developed
  • Location of the Pickleball courts
    • Court number 8 will be moved and converted into 4 Pickleball courts

Timeline - Subject to Change