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January 2022 President’s Report

Author, Harkuri Murakami once wrote: “And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you managed to survive.  You won’t even be sure when, or whether the storm is over.  But one thing is certain.  When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in.”  What better way to describe these past 2 years, not only for me, but for Aberdeen and all its members.

As this is my penultimate president’s report, I want to take this time to reflect on all we have accomplished despite the challenges that have been presented to us.  Taking the role of President on March 12, 2020, day 1 the world stopped as COVID made its presence known to most of the country. Soon thereafter, in order to meet the challenges ahead, I put into place a COVID taskforce made up of the newly elected executive committee of the Board.  This group had in my previous 4 years on the Board rarely, if ever met.  As an aside, I hope that this group will continue to meet regularly in the future.  With the collaboration of Fran Peck (Vice President), Larry Wolberg (Treasurer) and Art Gold (Secretary), and management, we worked tirelessly with one goal in mind:  do our best to maintain the health and safety of members and staff alike.  Although many of you may not know them, I can attest that without their thoughtful input, attention to detail and hard work, so much of what we accomplished would not have been done.  Did we get everything right?  Probably not.  Could we have in hindsight done things and made decisions differently?  Absolutely! Together, we looked at the challenges we had as opportunities.  Our goal was to try and maintain a semblance of normalcy in a chaotic year.

Year 1 was difficult but we not only endured, but were able to adapt in order to offer services the best we could. Board members, staff and committee members all did their part to keep us going.  Despite the shutdowns, service limitations, and health risks we faced, with everyone’s input, we kept moving forward while at the same time, doing our best to not add financial burdens to members. Doing this at all times as safely and responsibly as possible. 

The challenges we faced during the first year of my presidency seemed over as the vaccine made its appearance.  Time now to move forward, new plans, new ideas and new focus.  Then unexpectedly, the resignation of our GM/COO happened.  A new challenge, but an opportunity for us to reimagine, refocus and set the new direction that was necessary and long overdue. Over the next 6 months, Board members, department heads and staff worked tirelessly, keeping the club running as seamlessly as possible.  For those that did the hard work those 6 months, I cannot thank you enough. I do want to give a special thanks to my Vice President, Fran Peck.  Having her by my side during this time was indispensable, not only for the progress we made this past year, but for all she has done for me and all who live here at Aberdeen.

Next big task was to seize the opportunity before us with the departure of our GM.  After a lengthy search, with many qualified candidates, the Board unanimously agreed to hire our new GM/COO, Jeff Riegler.  I believe I can speak for all on the Board and so many of you that we believe he is the right man to lead Aberdeen in the future.  Only 5 months in, and we are already enjoying some of the changes he has helped implement and that I and so many of you have been asking for:

  a)  Leading the search for our new chef, Josh Giro and bringing Mohamed Rahgozar, our new director of food and beverages.  I cannot be more pleased with the job they are doing despite the difficulties that the pandemic has brought.
  b)  Revamping the dining experience including food service at the pool, something that was too long in instituting. Introducing a bar menu as well as offering multiple options for holiday events.
  c)  Interacting with the membership, hearing their concerns, and bringing a can-do attitude with him.
  d)  Empowering those working with and around him with the same can-do attitude allowing them to excel at their jobs.
These are just a few of his early accomplishments.
In conclusion, these past 2 years, on all levels, our lives were changed.  I am reminded of a Maya Angelou quote:

     “Without change, there would be no butterflies. We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it had to go through to achieve its beauty.”  We are going through that change.  Don’t expect success overnight.  Be patient.  Change is hard; however, know that “The Good Life We Want and Deserve” will be getting better and better.

Before giving the monthly statistics, I want to address the need for member and staff to report to the club if unfortunately, someone tests positive for COVID.   Although Jeff R has changed how the club communicates to the membership about positive cases, close contacts, and their follow-up, this does not lessen the need to alert him if the unfortunate happens.  Too many cases are not being reported negating health and safety protocols. Thanks for your cooperation.
Below is the monthly statistics report:
     A)  This past month we closed on 9 homes.  During the same month last year, we closed on 11 homes. Of the 9 sellers, 3 sellers were Current Members, 3 sellers were Resigned Members, and 3 sellers were Non-members. Year to date we have sold 9 homes versus 11 year-to-date last year. 
     B)  We currently have 303 Full memberships, 49 Tennis memberships and 737 Social memberships.  Included in the 303 Full memberships are 84 Non-Resident memberships.  Please keep in mind that the 1,089 total memberships account for over 1,700 individuals as a membership may have 1 or 2 persons included.
     C)  We currently have 30 memberships participating in the Baby Boomer Program, 19 participants in the Lessee Program (with 15 using the assigned member privileges and 4 using upgraded privileges), and 19 memberships utilizing our Friends and Family Program.
     D)  This past month, and year-to-date, we have collected $44,000 in Initiation Fees, $286,000 in Membership Application Fees and $37,000 in gained Equity Fees.  It is important to remember that these fees are used to jointly finance and self-fund four major capital projects (common area landscaping, golf course, tennis, and clubhouse refurbishments). These fees are also used to pay off our loans and, in conjunction with your capital contributions, to maintain the Club’s major assets and reserve funds for future facility needs.

Finally, whenever you may have a question, suggestion, or concern, please feel free to contact myself or the Board of Directors through our email address ( The next scheduled Board meeting is    February 10, 2022. If you have questions for the Board, please send those inquiries to the Board at our email address.

Best Regards,
David Hollander

Welcome to our New Members! ​ 

  • Richard & Francine Farber - Brittany Lakes
  • Charles & Diane Walsey - Ashford
  • Dino Farrese & Mariejose Lacaille - Stratford
  • Richard Bryant & Eileen Watts - Oxford Place
  • Mary Masucci - Canterbury
  • Aracelli Venegas & Manuel Borja - Ashford Green
  • Jack & Brooke Soloman - Brittany Lakes


  • AMGA
  • ALGA
Super AMGA
January 19th, 2022
Flighted 1BB of 2 Shamble
Tee III Palmer Flight
1st Place 60
Jerry Green
Jim Nolechek
2nd Place 65*
Todd Flannery
Jim McArdle
3rd Place 65
Sam Crooke
Jim Stephens
Tee III Nicklaus Flight
1st Place 65
Walt Doyle
Glenn Zomack
2nd Place 68
Larry Bivona
Leo Bivona
3rd Place 68*
Ron Siegel
Larry Winter
Tee IV Player Flight
1st Place 67
Richard Marks
Rob Tanenbaum
2nd Place 70*
Joe Bivona
Vincent Frazzetto
3rd Place 70
Joel Spoon
Lou Kennedy
Tee IV Miller Flight
1st Place 65
Joel Zenofsky
Tim Trapani
2nd Place 66
Larry Auslander
Danny Spandau
3rd Place 71
Mike Wallach
Irving Cohen
*Denotes winner of Scorecard Playoff

Super ALGA
1 BB of 2 Results
January 18th, 2022
Tee V Flight 1
1st Place 70
Ive Lloyd
Darlene Nagao
2nd Place 71
Stephanie Levine
Jessica Brier
Tee V Flight 2
1st Place 64
Gwen Buswell
Clara Fazzino
2nd Place 67
Naomi Gursky
Mickie Vasquez
Tee VI Flight
1st Place 74
Marlene Bolen
Sheila Hyman
2nd Place 75
Jackie Spoon
Bobbie Ritchie
Social Flight Winners
Gail Koenigsberg    Carol Wallach
Diane Campitiello    Susan Rosenzweig
Jane Speicher   Fran Grossman


The Board Elections process is underway. Click here to view the email from January 17th with all 8 candidate applications. Meet the Candidates Night will take place on Monday, January 31, 2022. The Board Election ballots will be mailed to all eligible members on January 31st. For more information, please contact Ken Speicher, Chairperson of the Ballot Certification Committee. 

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