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Welcome New Members!

Howard & Carrie Rabinowitz

Brittany Lakes

Steven & Jessica Lenowitz

Lancaster Lakes

Harvey & Muriel Fertig

Turnberry Isles

Stanley & Adele Reinstein

Turnberry Isles



Barbara Wertkin




Rosemarie Borrelli


Harvey & Susan Nagler

Lancaster Lakes

Gary & Janet Kubicek


Sports Results

Women's First Flight
1st Place- Gwen Buswell
2nd Place- Rhonda Bloomfield

Men's First Flight
1st Place- Norm Koenigsberg
2nd Place- Larry Winter
3rd Place- Howie Goldstein

Men's Second Flight
1st Place - Joe Bivona
2nd Place - Doug Schwartz


Intra-club Tennis: Session 2

Now that our first intra-club tennis league has ended, we are planning a new and improved intra-club tennis experience. The goal is the same; to offer fun and competitive play. However, we feel our new format should make for closer scoring.

This new session of intra-club tennis will not have any teams. Players will all sign up at the pro shop or by phone each week, and matches will be posted on the Chelsea system the day before play. With no set teams, there is more flexibility with court placements.

As with session 1, all interested players need to sign up with Diane. 

The cost for 8 weeks of play is $10 for each group.

(If you play in both the open and the men’s/women’s group the cost is $20)

SOMETHING NEW: A Raffle for prizes!

This session will offer competitive play. But instead of team prizes, there will be a raffle at the end of the eight weeks. All players will be included in the raffle. Each time someone plays, they earn a raffle ticket. The more you play, the greater chance you have to win!!

The following is the Schedule for session 2 

Men’s day on Tuesday starts February 2

Women’s day on Wednesday starts February 3

Open day (men and women) on Sunday starts February 7

Week 1 - February 2 ,3 ,7

Week 2 - February 9 ,10 ,14

Week 3 - February 16, 17, 21

Week 4 - February 23, 24, 28

Week 5 - March 2, 3, 7

Week 6 - March 9, 10, 14

Spring break

Week - 7 March 23, 24, 28

Week - 8 April 7, 8, 10

Purple picked their name correctly – they ARE royalty on the pickleball court.  At this point, they’re winning by 7 points over their closest rival, the Blues.
Here are the winning teams this week (Feb. 27):
Purple:               Harry Renkoff + Ira Hirshhorn
                             Steve Callisher + Jason Horn
                             Wendy Shippee + Dee Gann
Red:                    Eliot Rubin  + Rick Erlich
Blue:                   Deb Davis + Jerry Green
                             Amy Hastings + Allyson Mulroney
                             Phyllis Arnauer + Carol Kayne
Pink:                   Jim Wadsworth + Steve Epstein
March 2nd, 2021
T’s & F’s
1st Place 89
Susan Cohen
Roz Kantor
Annette Daniels
Susan Rosenzweig
2nd Place 92
Josephine Bivona
Arleen Roberts
Nancy Seldin
3rd Place 95*
Jane Casden
Ilene Lonker
Carol Davis
*Denotes Won Scorecard Playoff