Lessee's Club Amenity Program

We are pleased to offer Aberdeen Golf & Country Club’s lessee’s club amenities program.
This program enables lessees of homes in Aberdeen to avail themselves of the wonderful amenities that Aberdeen has to offer.

Program Highlights:

  • Persons leasing the residence of a Social Member (Class C or D) may upgrade to a tennis or golf category.
  • Persons leasing the residence of a Tennis Member (Class B) may upgrade to a golf category.
  • Persons leasing the residence of a compliant Aberdeen resident nonmember may purchase the use of a Social, Tennis or Golf membership category.
  • As always, persons leasing a members’ residence can assume the privileges of the member’s membership category.
  • Lessees will have all the privileges of Aberdeen’s social, tennis or golf programs based upon the membership category selected at the prevailing rates.

Please call Aberdeen’s membership office at 561-738-4903 ext 325 for further information or to make an appointment to tour our wonderful facilities.