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Trial Memberships - 2019-20

Trial Memberships are available only to (a) current Aberdeen property owners who have proof of ownership prior to October 30, 2004 and whom were never Club Members, or (b) prior Club Members who resigned before December 1, 2004.  These  property owners are “grandfathered”  in connection with Community Membership and are eligible for a Trial Membership for one (1) fiscal/Membership year with the option of electing up to two (2) additional one (1) year periods, either consecutively or separately.  

Trial Members are not  required to pay to the Club  the applicable Equity, Joining, Initiation or Member Application fees unless they subsequently decide to become a Class A, B, C or D Member. 

Golf, Tennis and Social “Trial Memberships” are available upon the Club’s receipt of the appropriate annual dues, capital contributions and daily usage fees as outlined in the Membership Offering and Fee Schedules for the Trial Membership category selected. 

Trial Members shall not be responsible for any special/conditional assessments other than the $80 per month for the Fitness Tennis Aquatics special assessment that is in place.  

Trial Members are not eligible for the Baby Boomer Incentive Program. 

Trial Members are not entitled to vote on any Club related matters. 

Trial Members are subject to and required to comply with the Club’s By-laws, Rules, Regulations and policies.

Revised 10/13/16