Four Pickleball courts will be an amenity offered to all club members.  
Sign-ups and Check-ins:
Three of the four courts will be available on a drop-in (first come, first served) basis.  One court will be available for reservation for a period of up to one hour. Reservations can be made in the Tennis Pro Shop up to three days in advance.  Members who wish to play must check-in at the Tennis Pro Shop, either for drop-in or if a reservation is made. When there are no reservations, the fourth court will also be available for drop-in.   
The Game:
Drop-ins will be on a first come, first served basis.  Games are played to 11 points.  When courts are full, a sign-up sheet at the court will be employed to keep track of the order of play.  When players are waiting, those using the court should be permitted to complete their game.  If one or two people are waiting, the winners of the previous game may stay on the court; the next player(s) on the list play.  If three or four people are waiting, the players on the court are replaced with players waiting for the next game.  When players come off the court, they may add their names to the waiting list for subsequent play.
The Tennis Pro Shop will have racquets and balls for members’ use.  Members may sign out this equipment. However, members on an ongoing basis will be responsible for their own equipment. 
Members with Pickleball experience who wish to serve as ambassadors will be identified and, along with the Tennis Pros, will help provide orientation and playing experience for new players.  Educational materials will also be made available to the membership.   
The Tennis Pros will offer lessons at the prevailing hourly rate.  Clinics may be held, depending upon member interest. 
Appropriate tennis attire must be worn, including tennis sneakers.  Refer to the Tennis Guidelines for further information. 
Guests may play at the prevailing rate for tennis guests (currently $6/guest in season and $3/guest in the summer).
Reservations for play on the reserved court shall be made with the tennis pro shop.  We will re-evaluate the need for changes in the Chelsea system to add Pickleball after the program is underway.
We are all looking forward to a successful Pickleball program.
Pickleball Rules
  • Players must check-in at the Tennis Pro Shop.
  • Courts are available on a first come, first served basis, except one court which may be reserved.
  • Games are played to 11 points.  If others are waiting to play, play is limited to 30 minutes; if a game goes beyond 30 minutes, players are permitted to complete their game, but the “win by two” rule will be suspended.
  • Proper tennis shoes and attire are required on the courts.  Only approved paddles and balls may be used. 
  • Courts are for Pickleball play only. No bicycles, rollerblading, or other activities are permitted.
  • Pickleball courts are for Aberdeen residents and their guests only.
  • Children 10 or under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Play is at your own risk.