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Dress Code


When using the pickleball courts, members and guests must be attired in regulation tennis shoes and clothing:

  • Men: tennis shorts, collared shirts or collarless athletic shirts without bold writing. Sleeveless shirts are not permitted.
  • Women: tennis shorts, skirts or dresses. Sports bras without over‐shirts are not permitted.
  • Rubber soled, flat bottom tennis shoes for men and women.
  • Warm‐up suits are permissible.


The Director of Tennis has the final authority to determine proper attire.


Reservation System and Chelsea System

Court reservations may be made up to 2 weeks in advance by using the Chelsea System on‐line or by telephone. The Chelsea System is described in the Aberdeen Country Club manual available for review with the Director of Tennis. This program assigns courts by lottery, 3 days in advance of the date of play. The assignment of court time and placement is based on a ranking system described in the manual located in the Pro Shop. Both players and the Pro Shop will be notified by email of court assignment. Once the lottery is completed, staff in the Pro Shop will be able to make changes and to assign remaining courts. Please see staff in the Pro Shop for more detailed instruction on using the Chelsea System.


Pickleball teams playing home matches have priority for court assignment and time. Doubles groups have preference over singles players.


During prime playing hours, courts may be requested for 1 hour periods beginning at either 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 or 11:00. A maximum of 1 court each hour will be available for reservations based on a lottery.

When not using a court, please cancel the reservation as early as possible in order to free the court for another's use. If one does not cancel at least 30 minutes prior to play, disciplinary action may be taken.

Teaching Courts


Court A is reserved for lessons and clinics.



  1. Fees for court time for guests will be proposed by the Pickleball Committee and approved by the Club's Board of Directors. The use of the courts will be as described below (General Program Rules).
  2. A member may play with a guest during prime hours, when courts are available. A member who wishes to reserve a court with a guest may do so one day in advance.
  3. There is a off season non-fee guest day. One day per week, to be determined by the Director of Tennis, will be designated as a non‐fee guest day during the months June through September. This program is available for both men and women.

General Program Rules

  1. Players must check in at the Pro Shop prior to entering the pickleball courts. Guests must also check-in at the Tennis Pro Shop prior to playing. While courts are reserved for 1 hour periods, members may begin or continue play, if courts are available. Check with the Pro Shop to ensure availability.
  2. Children under the age of 10 are not permitted on the pickleball courts without adult supervision.
  3. The Director of Tennis has the authority to determine if the courts are in playable condition. At his discretion, play may be halted due to rain. When all courts are not playable, assignments may be adjusted according to the written rain policy available in the Pro Shop. In rainy weather, the court conditions line (561‐735‐0302) is updated throughout the day. When the weather appears to be inclement, it is advisable to call before making a trip to the tennis center.
  4. In the event of lightning, it is mandatory that everyone leave the courts. As lightning approaches, a lightning detector will sound two long blasts informing all to evacuate the area.
  5. Outside Pickleball Pros are not permitted to teach at Aberdeen facilities. However, the Director of Tennis may hire outside staff, as needed.




It is expected that players be cognizant of and considerate of other players with respect to entering and exiting the courts, to conversation and to any other behavior which might be disturbing or distracting. In particular:


  1. The entire Tennis, Aquatics and Fitness Center is a Smoke Free Environment
  2. Cell phone usage should be avoided and ringers should be turned off.
  3. A court cannot be entered prior to the assigned time when another group is using the court.
  4. Loud or abusive language to staff or to Club members is prohibited and may be reported to the Grievance Committee.


Special Events


A number of special events are sponsored by the Club, i.e. social round robins, Pro‐am competition, pickleball exhibition, Club Championships, etc. At the time of a special event, all courts are closed to those not participating in the activity.


The Aberdeen Country Club cancellation policies regarding reservations for special events apply to pickleball events, but vary for each type of event.

Interclub and Team Play


Eligibility and Financial Commitment:

  1. All members, in good standing, are eligible to participate in team pickleball.
  2. Each team pickleball participant will pay a league fee as well as an equal share of the costs for balls and drinks provided for home matches.
  3. Each team pickleball participant is required to purchase the team uniform, typically a shirt for men and women.
  4. Each team pickleball participant will pay $15 for one clinic (see below).
  5. Annually, all members will be required to sign an enrollment form which indicates that the team rules are understood and accepted.


Placement on a Team:

  1. Each year, typically in the spring or summer preceding the fall inter‐club season, a group consisting of the Tennis Professionals and representatives from the Pickleball Committee (two each for men and women) will create a roster for the teams for the upcoming pickleball season. The rosters are created based on knowledge of the players, the players' historical performance, consultations with team captains and consideration of the teams' needs.
  2. The number of people placed on a team will be limited to the maximum number based on league constraints, if any.
  3. A member, new to Aberdeen Golf and Country Club, who wishes to play team pickleball will be evaluated by the Tennis Pros and placed on a suitable team.


Participation and Team Practices:

  1. Team members are expected to play both home and away matches.
  2. The Director of Tennis with the assistance of the Pickleball Committee will select a team captain and co‐captain.
  3. Members may play on multiple teams, within league constraints, and on a space available basis.
  4. All players must be available for 60% of the teams' matches. Available means physically present at Aberdeen and ready to play. "Snow birds" are eligible for teams providing they meet these criteria. However, when there is space on a team, a player who is not available for 60% of the matches may audition for a spot on that team.

Team Lineups and Substitutes:

  1. The team captain, in consultation with the Director of Tennis, will establish the team lineup. They have the ultimate determination as to which team members play a team match, what the partnerships are and in what position each partnership plays. The captains and Tennis Pros use all available information in establishing the team lineup. This information may include: win/loss record, position played, partnership, attendance and participation in clinics, the Pro's evaluation of ability and availability for the match.
  2. Each player must agree to play with any partner at whichever position assigned. Decisions by the Pros and the captain will be made in the best interest of the team.
  3. Minimum play requirement is determined by the structure and goal of the team.
  4. In the event of an illness or emergency which prevents a player's participation in an assigned match, that player should give the captain as much notice as possible. Captains are responsible for securing substitutes in accordance with league rules.
  5. As league rules permit, a player from a higher level team may substitute on a lower team once per season. Also, according to the league rules, a member of a team may sub "up" to a higher level team, if the team cannot fill its roster. Generally, a player subbing "up" is not limited to only once per season.
  6. A Club member who is not involved in the pickleball team program, is able to sub once per season.
  7. If a player wishes to join a team after having been a substitute and according to the league rules, s/he is eligible to do so, that player will incur the financial responsibilities described above.

Special Circumstances and Enforcement:

The Tennis Pros, in consultation with the team captains and the head of the Pickleball Committee, may use their discretion in any special circumstance.
The Tennis Pros are responsible for enforcing these rules.